The Support of a Team

dr robert cooper mdc“The team atmosphere at Metro is the most appealing for me. Upon joining, I instantly had a built-in network of doctors and specialists from different backgrounds and varying levels of experience at my fingertips. This support allows me to challenge myself with the more difficult cases, and continue to learn as a dentist.”
– Dr Robert Cooper, Metro Dentalcare


Professional Development

Dr Jennifer Nelson MDC“I am so glad for the opportunity I had to join Metro Dentalcare out of dental school. The group practice atmosphere has supported personal and professional development beyond any of my expectations. The connections to other practitioners and the resources available have allowed me to advance my skills clinically, and form many great relationships. ”
Dr. Jennifer Nelson, Metro Dentalcare


A Catalyst for Creating Synergies

Dr Werwie FWD.jpg“Working with American Dental Partners allowed me never to look back because our healthy, enduring partnership was the catalyst that helped create many synergies within my team.”
Dr. John Werwie, ForwardDental




A Path to Ownership

Vanessa PDP“When I was considering opportunities as an Endodontist, I was searching for a group that provided exceptional care to patients while providing opportunities for professional growth.  Premier Dental was a great fit, and now I am proud to be in the role of Doctor Owner!”
Dr. Vanessa Reuter, Premier Dental Partners