Achieving Excellence through Accreditation

As a cornerstone of our commitment to quality care and service, each affiliated group is required to pursue accreditation from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).
The accreditation process upholds our organization’s shared mission of elevating the practice, profession, and delivery of oral healthcare in the communities we serve.


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The AAAHC is a peer-based not-for-profit organization that is nationally recognized for conducting extensive evaluations of ambulatory health care organizations to ensure the highest quality standards.
Health care organizations undergo a voluntary process to measure the quality of their services and performance against nationally recognized guidelines, including those from the CDC, WHO, OSHA, and more.


Core Areas of Focus Include:

HygWorkII 2010 009
• Patient Rights and Responsibilities
• Governance
• Administration
• Quality of Care Provided
• Quality Management and Improvement
• Clinical Records and Health Information
• Infection Prevention, Control and Safety
• Facilities and Environment


Affiliates who have successfully achieved this prestigious accreditation include; 1st Advantage Dental Group, Western New York Dental Group, Associated Dental Care Providers, Carus Dental, University Dental Associates, Advanced Dental Specialists, Chestnut Hills Dental, A Tooth Doctor for Kids, Metro Dentalcare, Orthodontic Care Specialists, ForwardDental and Valley Dental Group.

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Accreditation is beneficial not only for our patients, but also for our providers and our partners.


For our Providers:
cropped-female-dentist-smile-small.jpgAccreditation demands a high level of commitment and effort. We look to hire providers and team members who exhibit a genuine ‘patient first’ mentality, posses exemplary clinical abilities, and have the necessary ream oriented attributes to be successful in a group practice setting.

Maintaining accreditation is an ongoing process. Our accredited groups must successfully complete surveys and site visits on a regular basis to ensure that the protocols and procedures are continually being maintained in accordance with the highest industry standards.


For Our Patients:
patient-care-receptionist-1.jpegOur affiliates have always thought of and cared for patients as they would their own family. The American Dental Partners tradition of quality care is shared by the practices and providers throughout our organization. Our Affiliated Dental Group Practices seek to improve communities and the health of every person who seeks care. Evidence of their dedication to quality, safety and patient care is their successful AAAHC accreditation.


For Our Partners:
metro-doc-xray-2.jpgWhen you sell your practice to a AAAHC accredited group, you can rest assured that our team will make the safety of your patients and your staff a top priority. The attention and care that will be provided to your patients will help continue to build on the positive reputation and trust you’ve worked so hard to build over the course of your career.





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