October Service Month 2018 Winners

Each year, American Dental Partners challenges their affiliates to create engaging and creative activities celebrating October Service Month. Over the course of 5 weeks, the affiliate teams are encouraged to build activities to promote the changing ‘theme of the week’.

This year’s program was ‘Everyday Heroes’, and the weekly themes included:

Week 1: Serving Your Patient

Week 2: Recognize Your Sidekick

Week 3: Find your Inner Strength

Week 4: Save the Day

Week 5: Serve Your Community


Team members participated in a variety of activities and posted photos of their groups on internal Community Boards online. Below is a recap of some of the activities and the winners of each week’s theme/challenge!


Week 1: Serving Your Patient

Winners: ForwardDental, Kenosha WI

In Kenosha, the ForwardDental team set up a ‘Superhero’ themed corner for some of the littlest patients to pose for photos, Raised Awareness for Breast Cancer, celebrated National Beer day with Root ‘Beer’ and tailgating treats for staff and patients, and handed out treats and goodies throughout the week.





Week 2: Recognize Your Sidekick

Winner: Fusion Dental, Riverhill Practice, Columbia MD

In Columbia Maryland, the Fusion Dental team created some unique ways to recognize their team members and show their appreciation. From donuts, keychains and gifts to a Throwback Thursday baby photo contest – they encouraged positive feedback and recognition among their team members all week long.





Week 3: Find Your Inner Strength

Winners: Carus Dental, Woodlands TX

From healthy eating to wellness and inspiration, the Carus Dental team worked together to find their own strengths and celebrate them. Activities included a Yoga and Meditation day, Healthy snacks in the break room, Inspiration Day, and even a little bit of treating themselves with some Ice cream!




Week 4: Save the Day

Winners: University Dental Associates Comp Rehab, Winston-Salem NC

Every superhero has a chance to save the day! At University Dental Associates, the team went above and beyond to recognize the unsung heroes in their practice, and provide a fun filled day for the community by hosting their own fall-a-palooza!



Week 5: Serve Your Community

Winners: University Dental Associates Greensboro – High Point

Team members at University Dental Associates in Greensboro North Carolina had a unique way to celebrate the Week 5 theme of ‘Serve Your Community’. They put together more than 200 dental care packages for our troops overseas. Military personnel are not offered oral health services while they are deployed, and they have to pay for small every day dental items out of pocket. The team put together these packages that will carried to the USO and mailed overseas.




Overall Winners

In addition to the weekly competitions, practice teams were able to compete for overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards.

 1st Place Overall, $500 Gift Card: University Dental Associates, Comp. Rehab Practice
Team Leader – Brittany Parks

2nd Place Overall, $300 Gift Card: ForwardDental, Kenosha Practice
Team Leader – Terri Minkowski

3rd Place Overall, $150 Gift Card: Fusion Dental, Riverhill Practice
Team Leader – Christine LaChane


While each of our affiliated practices are unique in their brand and doctor leadership – October Service month is one example of how partnering with ADPI gives employees access to a larger network of colleagues for collaboration, networking, and team building. We’re committed to providing ways for our Practice Managers and Doctor Owners to create a culture of inclusion and recognition, while maintaining their ‘neighborhood dental office’ environment.




Join our team!

Our affiliates are hiring for all roles, including Practice Managers, Patient Service Representatives, Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists, and Doctors. Click here to browse all of our roles by state, affiliate, or job function.

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