Following a Passion for Patient Connection – Meet Dawn Elverum

When it comes to a career as a Dental Hygienist, there are many aspects of the role that people find rewarding. For Dawn Elverum of Metro Dentalcare, it’s the connection she has with her patients.

Dawn has worked as a Hygienist for Metro Dentalcare for 10 years. Like many in her field, her career began when as a Dental Assistant, where she played a vital role in preparing patients for treatment, charting patient information and communicating with doctors, hygienists, and practice managers on the day to day patient activity.

Her desire to continue building a connection with her patients and her community ultimately motivated her to pursue a degree in Dental Hygiene from Madison Area Technical College in Wisconsin.

“I like that I get to see different groups of people and families in our practice and watch them grow. There are so many great people in our area, and it brings that feeling of community into the practice.”

When she isn’t chairside, Dawn is a mom of 4 who enjoys spending time with her own family. Metro Dentalcare allows hygienists to create their own schedule, giving her the freedom she needs to tackle camping trips, visits to her patent’s house, or enjoying some down time at home with her husband.

Metro Dentalcare is one of a few group dental practices in the country to be recognized by the Accreditation Associating for Ambulatory Health Care.  This means that the AAAHC’s independent team of professionals has found MDC’s practices meet their rigorous, nationally recognized standards for health care services in areas such as infection prevention and control, quality management and improvement, risk management and environmental safety.

“To me, quality care means that our patients leave feeling like all their questions have been answered, and that they want to come back. We take the time to talk about preventative measures like using an electric toothbrush and the benefits of fluoride, while making sure that we’ve made every effort to make them as comfortable as possible.”

In addition to serving patients, Metro Dentalcare provides opportunities for their team members to give back through Give Kids a Smile, and the Minnesota Mission of Mercy. These events allow local children to obtain oral health services free of charge. Many participants do not have access to affordable oral care, and depend on these services for their routine cleanings along with any treatments or corrective procedures that they would otherwise have to go without.

“Metro is a great place for a Hygienist to build their career. The flexibility you have with group practice makes it easy to accommodate almost any lifestyle”

In addition to flexibility and a community based around quality care – Metro provides their Hygienists with free, in-house continuing education courses, making it easy and convenient for them to develop their skills.

With more than 40 locations across the Twin Cities, Metro Dentalcare is working hard to deliver personalized care to their patients, while allowing their team members the opportunities they need to thrive.

To learn more about Metro-Dentalcare, or to view their open positions, visit

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