Building a Career in Group Practice – Meet Dr. Pujara

Dr. Tapan Pujara embraces the art of dentistry. Working with 1st Advantage Dental Group in their Brattleboro, Vermont and Amherst, Massachusetts locations, he keeps a full schedule serving residents of both quintessential New England towns.

Dr. Pujara obtained his B.D.S. in India – an unexpected change of plans for the student originally looking to pursue a career in architecture. He then came to the United States and enrolled at New York University for his D.D.S. degree.

When he’s not in the office, he can be found practicing his photography skills or skiing at one of the many nearby mountain resorts.

From Aspiring Architect to Devoted Dentist

Before he became Dr. Pujara, Tapan was enrolled as a Civil Engineering student looking to pursue Architecture. When he found himself questioning if he had chosen the right path, he ended up shadowing the dental classes and eventually changing his major to obtain a B.D.S. degree.

“Dentistry is really a form of art. It requires fine motor skills, creativity, and problem solving in a team environment. I enjoy practicing all aspects of dentistry, but smile design and esthetic dentistry is where I am most interested”.

Building a Career Worth Smiling About

Dr. Pujara joined the team at 1st Advantage in 2016. He was looking for an environment that would allow him to expand his scope of dentistry while providing a full yet not overwhelming working schedule.

“I learned a lot right out of school, but I was in a practice seeing 40 patients a day, often working 12 hour days 6 days a week. I didn’t want to keep going at that pace in the long term.”

Having the ability to collaborate with more than 30 other doctors across 3 different states gives Dr. Pujara the assurance and support he was looking for, as well as plenty of time and freedom to continue learning and expanding his abilities.

pujara-ski.jpgAdditionally, the professional connections he has made have turned into lasting friendships. Whether it is enjoying eachother’s company on a lunch break downtown or spending a weekend on the slopes, the team at 1st Advantage takes full advantage of the relationships they’ve built within the practice walls.

“My coworkers are more like my family members. Everyone cares about your well-being, they are interested in what you have to say, and they are always happy to help or provide any kind of advice”.



Dr. Pujara’s Perspective on Patient Care

1st Advantage places a great deal of emphasis on providing quality care. This includes everything from making ethical decisions to clearly communicating a patient’s options, explaining a procedure, and listening to their individual preferences and goals.

“Numbers are a part of any business model. However, at 1st Advantage, it is very clear that the numbers are the least important – I have never felt any pressure to compete with or reach a certain production number, that’s not why we are here at all. The only pressure I feel is the pressure to take care of my patients and to make sure they are happy. That is our purpose”.

To support their doctors and allow them to deliver the best quality of care, collaboration, mentorship, and continuing education is encouraged across all 14 of their locations.

“As a new dentist, you want to think that you know everything after going through so much in school – but there is still so much to learn on the job. If I’m looking for another opinion or have a case that I’m not as sure about, I know that help is just a call away, and that it’s encouraged for me to reach out”


The Advantages of Group Practice

Pujara FADGBeing a part of a group practice with a strong business partner means that doctors are free from the daily administrative tasks associated with running a practice. As a supported doctor, your priority and responsibilities are focused around patient care.

“Being part of a practice that is supported by American Dental Partners means that as doctors, we don’t have to focus on the administrative duties, we just focus on dentistry. That’s a great burden to have lifted off of your shoulders, and it gives us more time to do what we love. I get to hone in on my skills and care for my patients knowing that our team is taking care of things like billing and payroll… I was so happy with the team at 1st Advantage that my wife has now joined the group in their Northhampton practice…”

“For someone looking to join a group like ours, I would want them to know that they can rely on the system and the network that is in place here. I’d encourage them to take advantage of connecting with the other doctors and using the support and insights they offer”.


A Leader in the Making

Dr. Pujara has recently been invited to join the Leadership Institute at American Dental Partners, where he will undergo a 4-year professional development program. The program focuses on growing the leadership skills of clinical and non-clinical team members across the country by focusing on self-guided seminars that cover emotional intelligence, motivation, team building, and communication competencies. The program is designed to prepare them to take on future leadership responsibilities such as practice ownership or team management roles. Only a handful of team members are invited from across the country, and they meet quarterly at the American Dental Partners National Resource office in Wakefield, Massachusetts.


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