October Service Month: Week 3 Recap and Week 2 Winning Team!

The team at Premier Dental O’Fallon is the winner of the October Service Month Week 2 prize for most creative and engaged team!  The Team Leader there is Laura Fisher.   Congrats to Laura and the team, who will be receiving a $100 Visa gift card to use however the team would like to.

Laura and her team engaged in some terrific activities around Teamwork and Initiative:


  • A baby photo contest for patients to match baby photos with current photos of practice team members
  • A Bosses Day celebration for their lead doctors and their Practice Manager
  • A “guess the candy corn jar” contest for patients


OSM Week 3 activities related to Empathy are now underway, and some highlights are as follows:


  1. Many teams took the time to recognize their Practice Manager’s and Doctor Owners for National Boss’ Day (American Family Dentistry, A Tooth Doctor for Kids, University Dental Associates)!

Week 3 Boss Day Collage 2

Boss Day Collage 1.jpg


2. Groups sported some jerseys to support their favorite sports teams (American Family Dentistry)….

Week 3 AFD Sports Teams

3. A few groups even helped their community by raising awareness for Breast Cancer, and hosting an Adorable Pet Contest to support a local animal shelter (Carus Dental, Chestnut Hills Dental)

Week 3 CAR Breast Cancer

Week 3 CHD Adorable Pets

4. As a team building exercise, members of the Premier Dental Partners team took some time to write out interesting facts about themselves that their co-workers may not know. They learned they have a former gymnast on their team, one broke a track record for their High School, and another who admitted they still have their old Christmas decorations up!


5. And, most importantly, our groups showed appreciation towards their fellow team members and their patients by hosting some massages, purchasing some sweets, and providing some creative give-a-ways (University Dental Associates, Premier Dental Partners, American Family Dentistry)

Treats and Thank You Collage.jpg














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