Making Patient Services a Top Priority – Meet James Jordan Pace

“A patient is not an interruption of our work … they are the purpose of it. We are not doing our patients a favor by serving them. They are doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so.”

This quote can be found in the email signature of James Jordan Pace, Director of Operations for American Family Dentistry. He and his team members choose to view each patient interaction through this perspective, and strive to deliver the best customer service possible to their patients and their community.

Jordan is no stranger to a career built upon great customer service. Prior to joining American Family Dentistry as Practice Manager in 2013, he spent 15 years in retail, working his way up to a District and Regional Manager positions. His commitment to patients and dedication to bringing his best to the office each and every day allowed him to grow from managing two practice locations, to six, to his role today where he oversees operations at all 15 (and growing) practices across Memphis, Knoxville and Nashville  Tennessee, as well as northwest Mississippi.

“This organization definitely looks to promote from within. As with any role, you have to have the drive and will to work hard, and that goes a long way in this company. I’ve had the privilege to promote and be involved in promoting several team members within the organization, including a practice manager that is now a Director with another American Dental Partners affiliate – Premier Dental Partners. There is room for growth in this organization and opportunities are available nationwide”.

Jordan’s approach to customer service is more than just a warm smile and friendly demeanor. One day, when a patient called with a dental emergency, Jordan went above and beyond to get them the help they needed. The patient was in a great deal of pain, but did not have a vehicle to get to the dental office. Jordan arranged transportation for the patient to get to and from the appointment safely, so that they could receive the treatment they needed in a timely manner.

American Family Dentistry is supported by American Dental Partners, Inc. (ADPI). ADPI provides professional services to the group so their doctors can focus solely on treating their patients. When the marketing team shared a comment from a patient survey, indicating they had already referred family and friends to the practice, Jordan showed his appreciation by sending them flowers. He’s also provided patients with small gifts like gift cards or fruit baskets to show his appreciation on behalf of the whole team at AFD.

“Word of mouth is a powerful tool. If we can provide a great experience to our patients, they share their experience with their friends and family. This benefits the practice and allows us to keep growing and investing in our future, so we can continue to bring great care to the community”

Social Responsibility is one of the five core values shared by American Dental Partners and its affiliates. American Family Dentistry is proud to support several local organizations, including St. Jude and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The group’s P.C. President and Founder, Dr. Edward Hochhauser III, raises money for both organizations and runs in their community events every year.  Hygienists, Dentists and other team members participate in community health fairs to raise awareness about oral hygiene, and distribute dental supplies like floss and toothbrushes to those in need.

“American Dental Partners has been growing consistently. Our group has gone through several acquisitions this past year, and we’re glad to be meeting new patients and bringing additional team members on board. If you’re looking for an organization with a bright future and great quality of care standards, this is just the place”.


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