Service Academy Class of 2017 – Groups 1 and 2

Jen Simoneau, Senior Training Specialist

On May 19, the American Dental Partners, Inc. Service Academy graduated its first two groups of Service Leaders at an event at the National Resources Group in Wakefield, MA.

The Service Academy was launched in 2015 and designed as a 2-year, virtual classroom for our patient facing team members. In Service Academy, participants work together across affiliates and practice roles to develop their emotional and social intelligence competencies, build skills focused on enhancing the patient experience, and take back to their practices the tools to enable team members to better connect with each other and serve our patients.

These 14 graduates implemented a Service Project at their practices tied to improving Relational Coordination (how practice roles work together to deliver the patient appointment experience) and they delivered a presentation on their project and the impact it had. Some of the results they achieved included improved patient retention,  significant shifts in communication and collaboration between team members, improved processes and strengthened employee engagement. Please join us in congratulating them on this accomplishment.

Here is some of the feedback we received on the impact Service Academy has had on the participants and their practices:

“My Service Academy project helped our office to refocus on forgotten protocols, and provide the ‘why’ behind them. In the process, we had stronger communication among different work groups and better coordination—which ultimately has led to better patient experiences.”

“It made me push my comfort boundaries when administering staff meetings by bringing up topics and confronting conflict in ways that I hadn’t done before – and I learned that I was more than capable and equipped to do it. By participating in this program I have gained tools and resources in the network of people I have had the privilege of getting to know over the last two years. I feel truly blessed and honored to have had this great opportunity.”

Group 3 of the Service Academy is scheduled to graduate in September of 2017, and we look forward to seeing their presentations and the positive impact the program has had on their practices. In September and October, we will be launching new groups that will make up the class of 2019!

The Service Academy is available to patient-facing ADPI Team Members with a minimum of 12 months tenure, and a performance rating of “Fully Meets” or better. The program is designed to support our commitment to providing quality patient care by building strong, enduring teams at the local level.



If you’re looking for a career that gives you professional development opportunities and ongoing support, please visit to view our open positions for Doctors, Hygienists, Patient Service Professionals, Dental Assistants, Practice Managers, and more.

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