Meet the Team Monday: Ed Mills

Our Meet the Team Monday posts are designed to introduce and highlight team members who work with our employees and our affiliates every day.  We interviewed 4 employees who represent a variety of different departments and roles. Each person had a unique story to tell, and we’ve learned some pretty interesting things about our teammates along the way (we’ve got sailboat racers, globe trekkers, and industry leaders all under the same roof)!

Meet Ed Mills, Director of Learning and Development.

Ed began his career with American Dental Partners in 2010, and has over 20 years of experience in learning and professional development. Prior to joining our team, he served as a Performance Consultant for Fidelity Investments.

As the Director of L & D, Ed is responsible for the design and implementation of various training programs across each of our 285 practice locations across the country. When making the move to electronic dental records, it was Ed and his team who developed and rolled out the corresponding training programs used by thousands of employees. Ed has 6 other employees on his team, with 5 working remotely or supporting affiliates at the regional level, and one team member who works with him at the National Resource Group in Wakefield.

Ed and his wife have three teenage children and reside in Hingham.

What’s your favorite part about coming to work?
I’m most satisfied knowing I’m able to help other people. Whether it’s teaching someone a new program or helping them do their job more efficiently, it’s rewarding to be able to have such a direct impact on employees.

What have you learned by working with some of our affiliates?

My role requires me to be in contact with a variety of employees at all levels of the company. Whether it’s doctors, hygienists, patient service representatives, or operations managers – they all share a common work ethic and attitude. The company stresses the importance of patient care, and that value resonates consistently through all of our affiliates, and through a variety of different roles. Our management team and our leadership genuinely care about doing the right thing for our patients, our employees, and our company.

Who has been your strongest mentor?
The Vice President of Organizational Development was extremely supportive when I first started in this role. She has recently moved on to another opportunity, but she played a strong role in my early years with the company by investing in me and trusting my skillsets. Even though this particular person has moved on, the leadership team today still holds that level of trust and interest in investing in the training and development programs we offer to our employees.

What are some projects you are most proud of?

The transition to electronic dental records was one of the biggest. This initiative was started about 5 years ago, and we are scheduled to finish this year. By the end of 2017, we will be able to say that all of our practices are using electronic dental records, allowing doctors to collaborate and work more efficiently. Other big projects have been the addition of two new dental groups to the ADPI family. When we take bring a new group practice into our portfolio, there is a great deal of training and implementation to be done so that we can get everyone on board. This includes web based training on our practice management software, which is designed specifically for our affiliates.

How would you describe the people who work for American Dental Partners?
Everyone here seems to care about their jobs and has a shared interest in making the right choices for ADPI’s long term health. Being in healthcare, you get to work with people who care about others and want to help each other. It creates a great sense of community for everyone involved.

On to the Fun Stuff!

How do you spend your time outside of the office?

I go skiing in the winter, and sailing in the summer. I have a 35’ sailboat, and it’s great to be able to take my family out on the water.

How long have you been sailing?

I learned to sail at age 5 and raced competitively in high school and college. I’ve even raced as part of the frostbiting interclub race out of Boston Harbor in the winter months.

Do you play any instruments?

Yes, I play the guitar.

Have you had any unique travel experiences?

After I graduated college I spent 6 weeks backpacking through Europe with a friend. We took just a few changes of clothes and spent the night in hostels along the route. It was a really great experience – I still have the small backpack I used for the trip.

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